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My Brother's Keeper is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in the Bronx serving the needs of individuals and families

Challenging our youth for the future

Learn how our weekly open gym helps young people stay off the streets, receive guidance and  find community with their peers as they enjoy playing basketball.

Strengthening families

We meet with parents in the community to listen, encourage, heal and strengthen. Through organized gatherings and private meetings, we helped hundreds build a strong foundation.

Uniting our community

Our annual events create opportunities for positive change and growth in our community. We take a holistic approach to serving and engaging people. The goal is to unite the community by providing them with experiences and activities they can enjoy as families or individuals.

It is evident that Derik and Victoria play a vital role in their community. They consider themselves “called” to the people that live around them, and as a result, they have become a true lighthouse—where people know they can go for help.

Treg McCoy, Times Square Church, Missions Director

Our partners


Serving together

We are thankful to the hundreds of volunteers who love people and want to see change in our community.

2020 Upcoming Events

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