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The community we serve

We are located in the heart of the Bronx called Morrisania, a densely populated area with high-rise apartments and apartment complexes. This New York City neighborhood has many spoken languages and cultures filled with bodegas, markets, restaurants and small businesses.

About us

We are a faith based organization formed to aid, assist and provide outreach services to under privileged youth and families in need in urban neighborhoods. The goal of our organization is to meet the holistic needs of the families in the communities we serve and to improve their overall quality of life.

Morrisania Facts

Poorly maintained housing quality

1 in 6 have a college degree

Hospitalization from drug and alcohol abuse is the highest in the city

Second-highest asthma hospitalization rate among children ages 5 to 14

​ ​ 44% live below federal poverty level 

High unemployment

 Teen births are twice the city average

 4th highest of elementary student absence

 Highest in people incarcerated

 Injury from assault is more than twice the citywide rate

 Highest obesity rate 

High rate of diabetes

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