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Friday Open Gym

Our weekly open gym is safe space in our community where young people gather to enjoy playing basketball and one another’s company.  Attendance continues to increase as youth and young adults of all ages come out each week. We separate the groups by age and time.  Our goal is  to maintain a fun atmosphere, a competitive spirit with a focus on good sportsmanship amongst their peers. Our hope is to be a positive influence, deterring them from negativity and keeping them off the streets.

Since the start of our Open Gym in 2017, we have 70+ youth who come out to play basketball. Many also come to watch or hangout with friends. Every year we organize 3 tournaments where food is served and participants receive medals and trophies.


JHS 22 Gym

6:00 PM - Youth under age of 18

7:30 PM - Anyone over age of 18

Pennsylvania Tournament

Every year, we have our basketball competitive basketball tournament in Pennsylvania against the student team at Summit International School of Ministry. This game is attended by hundreds of students and our Bronx community we bus in. Its a time of fun away from the city!

Coach Todd teaches basketball to 12 and under

Youth basketball tournament in December 2017

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