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Parent Support

 Helping Parents Helps Kids

MBK is proud to help parents to do their best when raising their kids.  Many of our families are single parent homes, living in shelters or struggling to make ends meet. Some are faced with other barriers like language, educational and emotional challenges of their own or their children.  This is where we extend a helping hand to partner with them, allowing them be the best parents they can be!





Food Pantry

Our pantry has been a source of support for families for over 10 years.  Through our partnership with Feed New York we are able to provide the community with Fresh produce, dry  and canned goods. Twice a year we give out turkeys and chickens.


Youth Sponsorship

Through out the year MBK provides sponsorships for young people to attend camps retreats, trips and events.  Young people who rarely get out of their neighborhoods, get to travel around the NYC or visit places like The Adirondack Mountains and Pennsylvania. They get exposed to a whole new world. Our parents are able to provide their children with opportunities that would not be financially possible without MBK sponsorships. 


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