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Athena House is so grateful to you for extending your hand to us during this Holiday season.  Your donations truly helped our residents and made them feel special. Please know that we appreciate you and anyone else who had a hand in helping. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 


Melvina Brown, Program Director




My Brother's Keeper is a sound organization.  They are visible and respected throughout their community.  They have numerous outstanding programs that assist the elderly, the impoverished and homeless. They are a blessing.


Rene Goicochea, TSC




Vicki and Derik, so grateful for the help, with and from your organization, My Brothers Keeper. You, both have set an example and reminder of being tangible, reachable and loveable and most of all faithful in the work of Christ. We Allen and Charika King, thank you for all your help, in making a hard transition that much easier. We love you and thank you for your friendship and the work of My Brothers Keeper. I know this organization will be a blessing to others! 


The King Family





There are some ministries that are truly defined by their title. My Brothers Keeper is one of them. It is a ministry committed to caring for people and providing hope for the hopeless. Many people choose not to go to church but MBK carries a church mission and goes to the doorstep of the inner-city community.


Pastor David Ham, Times Square Church







We would like to thank you for thinking of us and making the Christmas Celebration a memorable one. Our families really enjoyed everything. We thank you for the gifts, dinner and hospitality that you have shown us. We look forward to seeing you next year.


Ms. Marilyn Patterson & The Sojourner Truth House Family





It is evident that Derik and Victoria play a vital role in their community. They consider themselves “called” to the people that live around them, and as a result, they have become a true lighthouse—where people know they can go for help. 


Treg McCoy, Times Square Church, Missions Director


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